Call us at 250 763-4613 to book an intake appointment.

Alternatively you may send us an email using our online contact form.
You can also ask another professional to help you to access services by making a referral (we will then contact you to book an intake appointment).

It helps us if the following form is downloaded, filled out and faxed to us at 250 763-4272 in advance of your appointment or is brought with you to your intake appointment.

Download Form: PDF | Word

No, a police report is not required.
We will not share information about your participation in our services unless you have given us permission.  We are legally obligated to report to the authorities if a child is at risk of harm, or if you threaten to harm yourself or someone else.
We ask that you call ahead to ensure that a worker is available to assist you.
You must be able to consent to the services provided. Young children will need consent from at least one parent/legal guardian. In cases where mature youth decide with their counsellor that involving parents causes a barrier to accessing services, or may increase risk, we will not require parental/caregiver consent.
Your initial intake appointment is free. Most of our services are fully funded by donations or government grants; therefore, there is no charge for services. Counseling for adult survivors of sexual abuse is on a sliding scale fee-for-service. There is also a fee associated with pardon applications.
All staff of the Society have specific training and expertise in addressing sexual assault, child abuse, violence in relationships, and the legal system. All counselors and support workers are required to obtain professional certifications in accordance with the services being delivered.
If you are not satisfied with the services that you have received, please let your worker know what your expectations were, and how they were not met.  In most cases you and your direct service worker are best qualified to resolve your concerns. If your concerns are not resolved by your worker, and you wish to make a complaint, you can contact the Agency Coordinator. The Agency Coordinator will document your concerns and offer the following options:
  • Ask for your input about resolving your concerns.
  • Investigate complaints of abuse or privacy breaches.
  • Refer your concerns and suggestions to your worker’s supervisor.
  • Transfer you to a different worker or counselor that may be a better match.
  • Make a determination about whether a policy of the agency or program has been breached, or if incorrect information was provided to you.