Sarah’s Story

Sarah’s Story

Sarah endured 5 years of emotional & physical abuse at home. Sarah_Empowerific_web

After inflicting years of verbal, emotional and physical abuse, one day Sarah’s partner beat her in front of her son. That was her turning point. Without grabbing a coat, she walked in the rain to the nearest phone and called the police. The police referred her to us and to a women’s shelter. Sarah had been living in fear for so long, she wasn’t sure she would ever feel safe again.

She was terrified that her kids could be taken away, she didn’t know where she could get money to live on, she had only the clothes on her back. She had a long and bumpy road ahead. Working together with the police and the women’s shelter, the Women’s Outreach Counsellor at the Elizabeth Fry Society helped Sarah to understand and overcome the abuse and oppression that she had been putting up with for so long.

With support, Sarah became aware of her rights. Once she understood her rights she refused to give up. Sarah’s outreach counsellor attended legal appointments with Sarah, and helped Sarah to develop a plan for herself and her children. The plan gave Sarah hope, as she and her counsellor celebrated each successful step toward safety and independence. Sarah has relocated and is safe now. Her kids are also safe and have a wonderful strong role model who stands up for what is right.

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