Nicole’s Story

Nicole’s Story

Five years ago Nicole was drugged and sexually assaulted. But now she has her smile back.

Nicole_Empowerific_webAfter a gathering of friends & family to celebrate her birthday Nicole was sexually assaulted by an acquaintance who used a drug to incapacitate her. Paralyzed, but awake, all she could do was stare out of the window during the entire assault. It has taken nearly five years to bring her attacker to justice.

Nicole contacted the Specialized Victim Assistance Program in order to find out where to go to get medical attention. To her relief, the knowledgeable staff person who took Nicole’s call agreed to accompany her to the hospital. At the hospital, the E.Fry advocate provided Nicole with much needed support, told her what to expect, and helped Nicole to understand her options.

Nicole drew great courage from the respect and support that she received from those around her. She decided to report the incident to the police, and again, her worker was beside her providing support, information, and options. The Elizabeth Fry Society provided a safe place where Nicole could speak with a trusted and knowledgeable person, learn about her rights as a victim of sexual assault, and gain a voice in the justice system.

Her advocate at the Elizabeth Fry Society has been beside Nicole through the whole court process, encouraging her to advocate for her rights, and stick with the process – however slow it was; no matter how hopeless it seemed.

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