Angela’s Story

Angela’s Story

For twenty years Angela lived in fear and silence. But now she has her smile back.


Angela’s daughter realised, at a young age, that her mother was living in fear and was addicted to sleeping pills. She tried many times to talk with her mom but she would not open up. Despite her mom’s struggles to hold down a regular job they stumbled through life. When Angela took an accidental overdose it changed everything. In a recovery room at the hospital she opened up to her daughter and revealed the abuse that she had suffered in her childhood. It was the first time she had told anyone.

Angela’s daughter connected her with the Elizabeth Fry Society. From the moment she walked in the door, she knew that she had found a safe place where she could speak with a trusted person, and start her healing.

Through the Specialized Victim Assistance Program Angela learned about her rights and options.  Angela’s support worker at E.Fry encouraged her to share only what she was comfortable with talking about, and supported Angela to make positive choices for moving forward with her life.

Angela decided sign up for the Beginnings Program at E.Fry.  During Beginnings, Angela learned that she isn’t alone, and that the abuse wasn’t her fault.  Beginnings provided trusted guidance for Angela to discover things about herself that she never thought possible. She uncovered her strength as a survivor, and celebrated her achievements in a sisterhood of women all of whom have shared similar experiences. The Elizabeth Fry Society helped Angela to find hope and reach the power within herself so that she, and her daughter, can enjoy the life that she knows now she truly deserves.

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