This is how YOU can empower change

EMPOWERIFIC was founded in 2013 with key objective of getting more people involved in the cause of Empowering Change – asking the community to volunteer with and to fundraise for the Central Okanagan Elizabeth Fry Society (COEFS).

The word EMPOWERIFIC was used initially to describe events organised by the Central Okanagan Elizabeth Fry Society such as Take Back the Night and events organised by supporters such as Bellyfit fundraisers.

But it was such an awesome word that we decided to build a community around it! Through Spring 2013 EMPOWERIFIC will be launched to the world!

Our Values

Activism & Contribution – we are action oriented and value every contribution made to the cause no matter how small.

Dignity, Equality & Respect – we are an open network in which anyone may serve regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation or political affiliation and all members of the network are to treat others with respect and in a manner that preserves dignity at all times.

Expression, Freedom & Innovation – Empowerific encourages new ideas and creative expression. We seek to bring about social change not just through hard work, but through innovative thinking.

Cooperation, Teamwork & Wisdom – Our mission is not small, nor is it trivial, but its path is beset with challenges. We believe we will overcome these challenges by setting individual agendas aside, co-operating with those outside our network, working with those within our network as a team and by taking counsel from our combined life experience.

Join us… and BE EMPOWERIFIC!