Our Mission and Goals

The Central Okanagan Elizabeth Fry Society (COEFS) is a feminist organization that is focused on bringing about an end to violence, eliminating poverty, and seeking justice for women & children in the Central Okanagan Valley. Working in partnership with similar organizations, COEFS achieves this purpose through the delivery of preventative and intervention services for women and children.


A community with dignity, security, and equality for all


To support and empower those affected by sexual abuse, exploitation or violence and improve the Central Okanagan.


Equality – We strive to be fair and equitable with all individuals

Inclusiveness – We strive to be open and inclusive in everything we do

Integrity – We strive to be honest and have strong moral principles to engender trust amongst our clients, staff and stakeholders

Respect – We are respectful of all individuals regardless of their race, gender, religion, beliefs or personal situation

Accountability – We accept responsibility for our actions and behaviors

Guiding Principles

We believe in the dignity and inherent worth of all people.

We believe that gender-based violence impairs or nullifies the enjoyment by women of human rights and fundamental freedoms and limits women’s ability to function as full citizens.

We  believe that the responsibility for abuse lies not only with the individual offender but with society; we also believe that services to empower those who have been abused should be a societal responsibility.

We believe that individuals who have experienced abuse have a right to accessible, specialized therapy.

Strategic Priorities

The Central Okanagan Elizabeth Fry Society has identified four strategic priorities during 2016-21.

Stop violence against women & children in this community. 

This is done through meaningful evidence-based approaches to assessing domestic violence risk and developing a coordinated response to both domestic and sexual violence. We reach out to vulnerable and isolated women and girls to prevent harm. We educate youth in the community to make positive choices for themselves, their peers, and their community.

Move low income women out of poverty.

We offer support services to women. We provide practical assistance to get women back on their feet. We reach out to connect women to the resources that they need in order to gain long term security.

Promote the legal rights, justice, and services for women and children.

We advocate on behalf of women and children who are involved in the justice system. We provide practical information, and accompaniment to legal appointments and court appearances. We speak out on behalf of people in our community whose rights are being compromised.

Establish a Child Advocacy Centre

Working in collaboration with community partners we will establish a Child and Youth Advocacy Centre that offers respectful and compassionate care for Okanagan children and youth who have experienced abuse.


For the 2016-21 period COEFS will accomplish its mission by taking action to achieving the following goals.

Goal 1 – Expand Preventative Programs

Goal 2 – Strengthen Intervention Programs & Services to Address Clients Needs

Goal 3 – Strengthened Organization Effectiveness

Goal 4 – Enhanced Collaborative Fund Raising Practices

Goal 5 – Enhanced Community Awareness of COEFS Programs and Services